Silence of the Mountains..

Kudremukh – you can find the history in the Wiki pages. I am not going to talk about that.

Nobody enjoys hardship, but everyone knows that the fruit of hardship is always sweet. That was the case with the Kudremukh trip. The ride to the top of the mountains in an open jeep was bumpy, challenging, thrilling, crazy, and not smooth at all but at the end of it we were stunned and speechless with the view that presented itself in front of our eyes.  Mountains all around us, a nice blanket of mist, setting sun, cold breeze, cloudy day, what more can you ask for. It was like the most perfect day. Heavenly!

Time had frozen. We had  frozen. Slowly sinking in the feel of the place. Enjoying the moment as it was. A perfect vacation!  Your mind instantly starts to browse through endless list of songs in your head. One song gets stuck and starts playing in your head. The place suddenly starts to seem even more beautiful. Walking along with the mountains,with nothing but silence around you, your brain starts to wander thinking how peaceful all this seems. But then, its human brain and does not stop with one thought. Does it?

Another side of your brain starts having random thoughts about life, your happy moments, people you miss, people you hate, things you wish you had done, things you wish you hadn’t, your worries, your fears, hopes and regrets and suddenly you are lost in your thoughts so much that you are no longer in the present moment. The same silence that brought you peace, now floods your head with so many emotions that you cannot even shut it up.

Isn’t this what all our life is about? We hunt for peace of mind all the time and when we finally have silence around us, we fill ourselves with so much noise that we lose what we have in the present. Our eyes are always fogged, illusion of happy and content life, always in search of something, we wander. We wander in search of something, but never realize it even if we find it, searching further for more. But is this not what makes us human? Is this not what helps us grow as a race? If we were all to find inner peace and value of life in the serenity and silence of the mountains, we would have all become saints and never would have had to go back to normal life and society.

We are human and that is why we have problems, we have worries, and yet we continue to live through pain. But, if there is one place where we can find answers to all our questions and problems it is in – the Silence of the Mountains. The day we stop searching, the day we stop thinking, the day the skies become clear, is the day we stop growing and living.