Rio Olympics!

Rio Olympics! The pride of every country participating in it. We all know how much pressure such an International platform can have on an individual. They are trained and trained and trained over months and years for this event. Their coach, family, friends, associations supporting them gives them the strength to just participate. Kudos! To every one of them, medal or no medal. For all the strength, dedication and passion.

Year 2016 – where people have started living a lot over the Internet more than physical existence, where a Twitter account gives instant access to world news than waiting for the next day newspaper and where its much easier to shop than supermarkets. But is there something bad about it too? Every coin has two sides to it. Instant access to the most disturbing news.

I recently read a very disturbing article –

Rio Olympics 2016 – India Misery not limited to Fields

Anger and frustration. My instant reaction – I should share it on my Twitter page. Then I stopped to think, but I have colleagues from various other countries in my friend list (who’s countries have done some amazing job in the Olympics). What would they think if they see my tweet? All the shares I did about the famous Modi speeches will be over shadowed by this disturbing news of how we are treating our heroes on an international platform. Do I voluntarily bring down the name of my country? But if everyone started thinking like the way I did and don’t share it, what then? We will never be aware of these things and the next time we vote we will not be aware of what we should be.

When we are in a world which talks about equality and fair play, does Olympics not contradict equality? Where there is no challenge and competition, there there is no growth. It is because of the same competitiveness that we as a world have seen so much development and technological advancement in the last 100-200 years. The fact that our athletes have done a brilliant job even to get this far is commendable, but what is life without competitiveness and winning? What is life without a personal satisfaction of achievement after so much hard work? What is life without the success you want to have? And isn’t it our duty to support these athletes in any way possible?  These athletes deserve what is rightfully theirs which is simple – resources to help them win. Anyone in power, who cannot provide that is a very, very, very selfish and cruel living being (I wouldn’t insult the human race by calling them a person).

I just have one question for our Honorable Prime Minister – when you gave those brilliant speeches in different nations and kept the name of our country high, did you not think sending our heroes to Olympics with such people for support bring down its name way more than it deserves? I don’t say all other countries are perfect, but does that justify our behavior?

Let’s stand up and stand together for what is right. Let’s spread the word that it is not right to misuse power. Let’s use platforms to tell the story of success and not distress.