Stress… anxiety and Life

End of a long busy weekend you would think it would relieve the stress off of your mind. But surprise! The day after the long weekend it does feel fresh but definitely the stress guest is still residing in the space of your head. The morning bright day does not bother you. You will always wish you had one extra day to relax and start work fresh but let me tell you no matter how many days of leave you get it will never be enough unless your work is your one true love of your life. But for most of the people working in IT weekends are never enough.

Anxiety is like a worm. You have no clue from where it creeps in and what triggers it. No amount of holidays, vacations, time off, therapy can get it out of your head. Only you can. We have a lot of choices in life but all of it boils down to two things at the end. You can either whine about what is stressing you out or you can stop worrying and start acting out on an action plan. Every problem has a solution if not today definitely later. One step at a time is the mantra to any problem. You will at least feel better you accomplished something that day even if the problem exists. However small the step towards solution and however difficult that might be it is critical to getting rid of the problems in your life. There is no better motivation than yourself. Believe!

Remember Rome was not built in a day so is the solution to your problem!


Are Bluetooth earphones really your new best friend?

No matter how many times in a week I clean my room, there is that one chair that always gets full the very next day of my cleanliness resolution. This chair over flowing with clothes is my villain, the Joker of my room. Chaos and Chaos everywhere! Not because I can’t live with a messy chair of clothes but because I have a new friend on my side, actually in my ears 🙂 a wireless, Bluetooth earphones and that’s where the actual problem lies.

Before I go ahead and tell you my struggles with this supposedly new friend and new villain, I shall give you a bit of background about my unbelievable talent with managing Electronics. Its like I am a magnet, not for owning, on the contrary, for breaking them. Electronics maintenance and my love for Electronics are inversely proportional to each other. The more I pour my heart out in keeping them safe, the more they tend to fall off my hand and break. I have broken laptops, hard disks (sorry brother, he lost all of his files, I will not go into the details of what happened to me after that calamity), innumerable phones and their screens, watches, portable playstation (sorry again brother, coming to think of it, he has had the maximum loss because of my flair!), Ipod, the list is long I am not going to bore you with that. In case of earphones, I don’t even need to have them in my hands. They just rip themselves apart in my vicinity. God gifted talent! I am sure everyone has invested a lot in earphones, trying out different types, cheap ones, really good and expensive ones, moderately cheap ones, moderately expensive ones, ones that you buy because of others, and ones that you buy because of boredom. First few days you love them so much they never leave your ears, and when they do come off our ears, the next day it’s gone – earbuds missing, wire gets cut, phones port stops working (yeah that happened!), something becomes loose (I have lost so many earphones to this but never figured out what went loose), torn into two (that happened too!), more lost and missing. With so many challenges already, wired earphones have one more challenge. The daily struggles of untangling. The “improve your brain power” exercises can add one more to their puzzles, untangling your earphones. Its like a puzzle that needs to be solved in 5 seconds, because after those 5 seconds we turn into Hulk and rip it apart anyways, its not like the song is going to run away.  I am not even going to touch on what happens to wired earphones when you go for a run (all Hell breaks loose). Sigh! If I had saved up the money that I have invested on earphones over the years, I could go on a cruise! Oh, Well!

Drums rolling and the screen lifting – (tada) “Wireless Earphones”. I am not talking about over the ears big headphones. I am talking about the small little wire with two plugs (in ear). Seems like your solution to all the hassle, doesn’t matter if you are running, jumping, rolling, sleeping, keeping it in the bag, outside the bag, in your hand, not in your hand. Its like a one stop shop solution to all your problems, except for the missing earbuds which I think that there is a ghost in my room which is responsible for. Keep dreaming.

The one advantage of the wired earphones I forgot to add was how it was repellent to my chair of overflowing clothes. It acts like a drowning man with a life jacket. I always see the head, the tail or the microphone part of it peeping out of that humongous heap of clothes. Not once have I lost it there. And that is exactly where my new best friend gets a huge hit on the head. Its like Leonardo DiCaprio went into a Limbo and I can’t get him out. I search and search and search and search but I cannot find him and by the time my patience runs out and I am done searching, the whole room is Chaos! The chair = the Joker. Now not only do I have to search for my lost wireless earphone but now, I also have to clean my room all over again. By the time I finish cleaning it is after midnight with that one last jean that needs folding and guess what falls out of that jean? The lost little wireless earphone.

Now tell me, are these wireless, Bluetooth earphones really my new best friend? 😥

Nayagan BGM in the background and all that my mind can think: “Neenga nallavara kettavara????”